US politicians urged to removrubber wriste "black hand" from HK

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The US Congressional-Executive Commission on China issued a statement on the fifth anniversary of the "Occupy Central" movement. In response, the spokesperson of the Commissioner"s Office said that the statement, which has completely distorted the truth, is an outright interference in China"s internal affairs and a despicable clumsy show. The Chinese side deplores and firmly opposes it.

The spokesperson said that anyone without bias will agree that since Hong Kong"s return, the policies of "One Country, Two Systems", "the people of Hong Kong governing Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy in the SAR have been faithfully implemented, and Hong Kong citizens are enjoying unprecedented rights and freedoms.

The spokesperson pointed out that the problem facing Hong Kong is in no way about human rights or democracy. A handful of rioters have trampled on morals, defied the rule of law, profaned democracy and infringed upon the democratic rights of the majority of Hong Kong citizens by committing arbitrary vandalism and violently assaulting the police and innocent citizens. Nevertheless, some American congressmen have turned a blind eye to the mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong and the strong aspiration of the public to stop violence and end the chaos, the SAR Government"s active efforts of reaching out to communities through dialogue, and basic norms governing international relations. Instead, they have confounded right with wrong and told blatant lies in the name of championing human rights and freedom. Their true aim is to meddle with Hong Kong affairs, cheer anti-China troublemakers in Hong Kong and violent radicals, deliberately dampen the momentum for stopping violence and the chaos and restoring order, and ultimately mess up Hong Kong and topple "One Country, Two Systems".

The spokesperson emphasized that the American congressmen who are advancing Hong Kong-related acts for their selfish political agenda are damaging the interests of the Chinese people, including over 7 million Hong Kong compatriots, and will harm American interests in the end. Hong Kong is part of China, and its affairs are completely China"s internal affairs. We are rock-firm in defending national sovereignty, security and development interests. We again urge the individual American politicians to stop going further down the wrong path and immediately remove their "black hand" from Hong Kong.

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